Chinese 汉语 and Japanese 日本语

Although I unfortunately do not speak these languages, I am interested how they can be used on computers. And with a little help from my friends I could write something here.

子曰: "非理勿视, 非理勿听, 非理勿言, 非理勿动".

This is supposed to spell Sudoku in Japanese: 数独, it should look similar to the following image:
Sudoku in Hiragino Mincho Pro font

Is this '€' a (utf-8 encoded) Euro sign? The table below shows how well it and the chinese/japanese text above are rendered by several browsers.

Browser VersionOS EuroKanji
Dillo 0.8.1 Mac OS 10.4 no no
IE 6.0 Windows NT 4yes no
Konqueror 3.0.3 Linux 2.4 yes yes
Lynx 2.8.4rel.1 Solaris 2.8 yes(1) no
Mozilla 1.0.1 Linux 2.4 yes yes
Mozilla 1.0.4 Debian GNU/Linux sargeyes yes
Mozilla 1.0.6 Windows 98seyes no(2)
Mozilla 1.2.1 Windows NT 4yes no(2)
Safari 2.0 Mac OS 10.4 yes yes
w3m 0.3.1 Linux 2.4 no no
Firefox Quantum 68.0.1esr (64-bit)Windows 7 yes yes
Internet Explorer 11.0.140Windows 7 yes yes

(1) Euro symbols is shown as EUR.

(2) Probably a missing font.

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